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Listen: 'When We're Forgotten' by Words That Burn
13 September 2018

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Irish metallers Words That Burn recently released their latest video for the track, Words That Burn, via Overdrive! Taken from their latest album of the same name, vocalist Roni MacRuairi recently told Oran O’Beirne how they came up with the video concept:

"It started with the usual “I like this video and that video” which ultimately ends up with having an idea that isn’t very original. But it just so happens that Carl from Empty Horoscope Medias was in the studio when we were tracking the vocals for When We’re Forgotten. He loved the track and said he’d love to do the video. So he came back with the storyboard and concept and we loved it. He is an amazingly focused guy and the end product was exactly the concept he pitched to us. It was a big production with actors and pyro guys and took months to shoot but we are so happy with it."

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Watch the video here:

  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 13 September 2018