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Watch: 'End Me' by Invoker
13 September 2018

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Swiss hardcore mob Invoker have released their new video for latest single, "End Me". The video, which comes from their new EP "Cursed To Feel", can be found below.

"Cursed To Feel" is set for release on October 12th via Grim Reality Records.

Vocalist David Lukas had this to say on the meaning behind the video: "So the song is basically about the moment your head/mind decides to end your life. You can't feel your body, you can't feel anything. You just attempt to do it. Everyone who has ever been in such a deep and heavy depression as I have been knows what I mean, I think. It all feels kinda like in a dream, and in the final moment, you wake up and decide to go the other way."

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  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 13 September 2018