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Listen: 'The Value of Shares' by Moderate Rebels
04 December 2018

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London-based “anti-music” collective Moderate Rebels’ second album ‘Shared Values’ is like a lot of their music so far – it happened almost by accident. “We went into the studio with a couple of songs to record an EP, and we ended up with an album-length EP. We like to just let things happen and for songs to mostly write themselves. It’s a case of mucking around and seeing what feels right and what doesn’t. We say it all the time, but it’s important to note – we don’t intend anything. We don’t feel like ‘artists’ with grand statements to make.

“We view ourselves as just passing on ideas or questions, which we also enjoy expressing in condensed and concise terms. We think we’re all living in an era when lots of people feel they have lots of questions (perhaps that’s every era?) and we seem to touch upon that. Doubt, uncertainty, vague language, conflicting information and opinions – these are all inspirations. To us, being ‘anti-music’ is about valuing exciting ideas over technical ability. There’s nothing better for a Moderate Rebels song than a bunch of questions that us and others are grappling with. We don’t believe in easy answers, but we believe in asking lots of questions – always.”

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‘The Value Of Shares’ touches on modern life turning virtual and full of substitutes. ‘Stranded In Brazil’ is a song of confusion about the modern environment via Terry Gilliam, ‘Faith & Science’ seems to illustrate the inspirational feelings of unanswerable questions and the healthy consequences of a position of doubt, as opposed to the ‘I’m 100% right’ attitude that is feeling increasingly common in certain areas of life in 2018. And so on...

Listen to ‘The Value Of Shares’ here:

  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 04 December 2018