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Watch: 'I Am Vain' music video by The Kut
29 January 2019

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The Kut has released her latest video, 'I Am Vain', from debut album, 'Valley of Thorns'.

'Valley of Thorns', which released on Criminal / Cargo in 2018, smashed in at No. 7 of the UK Rock Charts and 6 other UK Album Charts.

According to Dr Princess Maha, "'I Am Vain' wasn't just about vanity. It was about laughing out loud in the face of criticism. About taking undue negativity with a pinch of salt. It's like when someone says something about you, to try and put you down, but instead of being affected by it, you are just thinking, hm, and so what?"

The music video sees Princess Maha as pilot of a private jet, rocking out in an aircraft-hanger with Diana Bartmann (drums) and Stella Vie (bass), and spinning out a neat tapping solo to boot.

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The eighth video-single from Valley of Thorns and still going strong, a number of UK festival dates have now been announced for 2019.

Watch the video here:

Forthcoming dates:

30 MAR Autismfest 2019, Plymouth
11 MAY Psyfest 2019, The Maze, Nottingham
25 MAY Call of the Wild Festival, Lincoln
01 JUN Glastonwick Festival, Coombes
  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 29 January 2019