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Watch: 'The Ascent of The Ascended' by Tim Burgess
21 October 2020

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Having last month announced news of his new 6-track EP, Ascent Of The Ascended, and shared the wistful lead track 'Yours. To Be', Tim Burgess today shares a video-of-the year contender for the EP’s title track, directed by Tim Pope. The video features our hero dressed in à la mode angel garb traversing rough terrain before taking to the skies in a microlight and flying off into the sunset… though no doubt returning home in time to host one of his legendary twitter listening parties.

Of the track and video Burgess says: “The Ascent of the Ascended - it’s about where we want to be, compared to where we find ourselves and how to bridge that gap. I sent the song to Tim Pope and he said he’d be up for making a video, his ideas really captured the atmosphere. It was quite a moment for me - I am a huge fan of Tim’s. Plus I got to fly and have a set of wings.”

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Watch the video here:

  author: CHRISTOPHER NOSNIBOR 21 October 2020