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'From The Furthest Signals'   

-  Label: 'A Year In The Country'
-  Genre: 'Folk' -  Release Date: '27th June 2017'

Our Rating:
This album features more eerie drones and fractured folk from the Year In The Country team who recently brought us The Restless Field. Many of the artists who contributed to that imaginary soundtrack resurface here.   

The theme of this latest product in an ongoing series of hauntological artefacts relating to the ghosts of old films, TV and radio shows defined as "lost transmissions filtered through the white noise of space and time".

These broadcasts are still part living memory (at least for old farts like me) but seem so remote from the modern age that they might just as well have been beamed in from another planet. They are thus both alien and alienating, a mood which fairly well explains the music you find on this album.

One track by Keith Seatman is called Curious Noises And Distant Voices, a title that accurately summarizes the content of most of the tunes.

Vocals, wordless or otherwise, are few and far between but can be located on Sharron Kraus' Asterope or Man Of Double Deed by The Hare And The Moon; both prime examples of British wyrd folk or "otherly pastoralism".

This music creates a world of its own which could be viewed either as defiantly anachronistic or as an example of cutting edge experimentalism.

Either way, any attempt to quantify it in terms of modernity or tradition seems redundant or to miss the point. Better to think of as chronologically challenged and revel in its strangeness.

A Year In The Country's website
  author: Martin Raybould

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