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'Welcome To Hell Mix'   

-  Label: 'Band camp'
-  Genre: 'Dance' -  Release Date: '31st October 2017'

Our Rating:
Yes this is a rare review by me of a drum & bass mixtape type thing all 23 minutes of it which you can download and listen to at your pleasure.

Groover the Barbarian is actually an old friend who I regularly sit and listen to music with as well as talking about it loads which is how I ended up with this to listen to.

The mix opens with some slow strings that are very mellow and chilled out and then some piano is added and to begin with you'll feel like you're in the most chilled out chill out room just waiting to drift away as the strings caress you for a good 4 minutes before the drums and synths kick in and start to force you out of the stupor and into some noir underworld skitter music that has some of the sort of noises Ultramarine used to play around with.

Then the sort of starter motor noises kick in during a breakdown and we are back with the same drum and synth motif with some other stuff going on around it. Then it sort of breaks apart and comes back together with some weird noises happening as well as some cool stereo effects.

Eventually we get to a bit that is just the drums doing all sorts of weird things with some sampled vocals about hamsters. That's pretty odd as it breaks down and then re-emerges on a slightly different tip as the vocals are now about Reprazent in a real nod to Roni Size and his crew. He then adds some computer games noises to the construct to help reprazent (sic) where this is coming from.

As the vocal samples start to go on about ecstasy and ghosts things start to sound more like Orbital at their mind bending best as a certain Mr Burroughs gets sampled again and you might find yourself unable to stop yourself from moving and a grooving to this as it starts to build towards the end. Slowly but surely becomes more dancefloor drum and bass with some House and techno elements to get the party going on the old disco Biscuits in a fine late 90's style.

If the one long mix isn't to your taste then it is also broken up into separate tracks for easier sonic digestion.

If this sounds up your street you can download it from: Groover The Barbarian Bandcamp
  author: simonovitch

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