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'Paul & Donna Sing Sonny & Cher'   

-  Label: 'I-tunes/Bandcamp'
-  Genre: 'Pop' -  Release Date: '9th May 2018'

Our Rating:
Yes, two musical legends get together to sing the songs of Sonny & Cher and thankfully don't choose the most obvious options as this single contains versions of It's The Little things and Just You.

Now, obviously I hope most of you are familiar with this couple but in case you're not Donna and Paul's CV's include working with The Fast, Man 2 Man, Blondie, Jayne County, Johnny Thunders, Ronnie Spector etc. Please note, though, that they are not in any way connected to current electro goth band They Called Him Zone as far as I know.

It's The Little Things is produced by Man Parrish and is a cool digital dance pop love song that easily could be confused with something made by a bunch of millennials with a yearning for their parents' record collection and enough knowledge to pick some golden nuggets to sing.

Donna and Paul's voices work perfectly together as the song gets going and they are whispering (or singing sweet nothings) at each other. The electronic drums and keyboards fly all around the room with some great production to bring out the pathos and real love at the heart of the lyrics, the fact that the couple singing are far older than Sonny and Cher were gives it plenty of added meaning, even if this sounds like it should be on daytime modern pop radio.

Just You is produced by Richard Citroen and is slightly slower and full of all sorts of regret with a tune that reminds me of Mockingbird remade into a digital ballad as they swap lines about how jealous they are and how much they will live and die for each other. It all sounds tinged with sadness at how things have gone but the sparse backing really works to help you focus on just what they are pleading and pledging to each other. This is a wonderfully bittersweet love song whose production feels quite lush and yet totally minimal.

Go and find out more at: Paul and Donna Bandcamp

Donna Destri Facebook page
  author: simonovitch

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DESTRI, DONNA & ZONE, PAUL - Paul & Donna Sing Sonny & Cher