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Review: 'Elevation Falls'
'What Will Be'   

-  Genre: 'Rock'

Our Rating:
Four years after their formation, Elevation Falls deliver their debut album, described as ‘a sprawling hard rock treat, packed with huge choruses, furious duelling guitar work and brimming with energy.’ It’s a fair summary.

‘Vultures’ crashes in with some rambunctious classic rawwwwk squawk, and the bombastic guitar work on the anthemic ‘Zombie’ is packed with widdly soloing and the kind f rolling basslines you’d expect from a band with such close ties to Thin Lizzie.

There’s a lot of ‘me’, as the raucous, hard rockin’, heavy lickin’ ‘Never be Me’ evidences ‘What Will Be’, but ‘The piano-led ‘Dream of Me’ really pulls things back and showcases a very different side of the band.

But mostly it’s about the classic, and the gritty blues heft of ‘Souls Burning’ is a strong example of their leaning toward the vintage vibe, albeit with a contemporary twist and very much filtered through the prism of titans like Guns ‘n Roses. And if at times it gets a bit Skunk Anansie, it’s fair enough in context: ‘What Will Be’ is varied, technically solid and just gritty enough to be credible while retaining a broad commercial appeal.

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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