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'I Don't Give A Damn Anymore'   

-  Label: 'Husky Tones Music'
-  Genre: 'Blues' -  Release Date: '30th June 2018'-  Catalogue No: 'HT3'

Our Rating:
'I Don't Give A Damn Anymore' is the name of the new mini album by Bristolian blues shouters Husky Tones. They are another guitar and drums duo who know how to make edgy sounding music. I was given the EP to review by the band when I saw them at the recent show they played as part of this year's Future Juke Festival with Aidan Connell and Mudlow.

The EP opens with the title song which these days could be a political slogan on the back of the first lady's anorak rather than a PJ Harvey meets the White Stripes angst-fuelled shout against some pathetic ex or other. It's also less fun than Yo ma Ma's I Don't Give A Fuck Anymore that almost certainly didn't inspire it.

Euphoria has a good, strident neo-marching beat driving us towards the euphoria we crave as Victoria goes all husky rather than wailing blues shouter to make us feel like we really are getting good and euphoric. She's all breathy as Chris Harper's guitar and drums rumble along until the climactic ending.

Well after that and while you're still trying to stop sweating, Victoria starts to tell us I Blame Love like one of those Led Zeppelin songs with a quiet passage that finally explodes after much anticipation as she's breathy and enticing before the song starts to explode and she becomes gradually more salacious and brazen, telling you just how she feels as the music starts to pound and get into a rhythm and her voice starts to scream a little bit more and a little bit louder.

What's The Time, John Ball is the bands updating of the peasants revolts classic rallying cry to get us all out and overthrowing the evil rulers of the day. I'm sure it will go down a treat when they play the Tolpuddle Martyrs festival next month.

Walter Cull is a good old-fashioned blues murder and mischief song about the life of the rogue Walter Cull: a man you don't want to hang out with as the guitars sound like they are coming from the bottom of the harbour as the tale unfolds to the sound of darkly foreboding drums.

The Last Line begins much more softly like they are going to try to go all Mazzy Star chill out love song on us, nice and gently bringing us into its woozy world. It's another side of the band as it brings the mini album to a very gentle conclusion, like the perfect little come down song.

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  author: simonovitch

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HUSKY TONES - I Don't Give A Damn Anymore