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Review: 'Various'
'F&G Records - Label Sampler'   

-  Genre: 'Dance'

Our Rating:
&G pitch to present a roster that’s ‘small but diverse’, although on the evidence of this sampler, which contains two cuts apiece from five acts, it’s a diversity that’s confined to a sliver of accessible electronic-based music.

Ultra-processed beats – and vocals – of Moonshot are more Eiffel 65 than (name darkwave band here), and Crimson Death come on like a shoegaze rendering of early Prodigy, and with the help of Pixieguts’ guest vocals, there’s a bit of Florence and the Machine in the mix. Db bring a darker sonic heft over which spin twisty, turny stream of conscious lyrics with a socio-political bent.

DK1 are all about the pulsating trance; ‘The Oxygen and I’ is hypnotic, mesmeric, spacious, with a dreamy pop chorus. I’m reminded of The Beloved and Electronic: the vibe’s very much pre-millennial and chilled. It’s a contrast to the aggression of Scottish Force with their thumping beats.

The contrasts are complimentary, and while the range isn’t nearly as wide as the label intimate, on the evidence here, they clearly know their niche.

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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