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Review: 'Celtic Serenity'
'Life Songs'   

-  Label: 'Cetic Collections'
-  Genre: 'Ambient'

Our Rating:
These are stressful times. That’s pretty much an irrefutable fact. I’m not just talking statistics: talk to anyone, and you’ll find once you scratch the surface, everyone is stressed, depressed, anxietised. How to combat it? Workplace mindfulness, adult colouring books and yoga may or may not be the solution. In fact they’re not the solution; they’re plasters on the symptoms that do nothing to address the cause. Still. You do what you can.

Me, I have a talking CD that tells me to breathe and visualise my tension. Sometimes it works. Sometimes I nearly fall asleep. I prefer drone music or monastic chanting to whale song or cheesy trilling Celtic pipes. So this one doesn’t do it for me. A compilation of 10 tracks from various other Celtic collections, it feels like a bit of a capitalist cash-in on the burgeoning mental health industry – or perhaps I’m just cynical.

But I’m not going to put the steel-toed boot into this, despite all of that. It’s pitched as being ideal for yoga or meditation, and ‘a bam to the body as a whole’. It’s mellow, gentle, and there’s no instrumental ‘Galway Girl’. And it will likely work for someone, and if it does, it’s fulfilling a purpose, and an important one.

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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Celtic Serenity - Life Songs