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Review: 'David Cronenburg's Wife'
'The Octoberman Sequence'   

-  Label: 'Blang'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '26.10.18.'-  Catalogue No: 'Blang79'

Our Rating:
Yes Anti-Folk legends David Cronenburg's Wife are back with a new 6 song mini album that at times feel like the soundtrack to the bands very own comic book adventures The Octoberman Sequence that of course make him feel out of place and context when being heard during any other month of the year.

The 12" single opens with Rules (radio edit) which is the clean version of the opener with no swearing involved but plenty of dirty behavior as they set out the rules The Octoberman must live by while having a go at the realities portrayed by Hollywood for the unreality they present us with while the fast and urgent anti-folk racket drives it all along.

On Rules the second version that has some swearing in one of the rules and is just as urgent as the Radio Edit. While they swear where they ought to and aren't too obvious. Oh and please can everyone always follow rule 7 and the classic Hammell On Trial song that it references. You'll need to hear the song to figure out the rule and song.

You Should Love is slower and calmer as they sing about the love life of The Octoberman and what he'll do to woo that Gurl. It comes from the playbook of an Anti-folk dweeb lothario on the pull, it would make a very good comedy sketch.

Organ Love isn't drenched in Organ but they may be on about a different kind of Organ that is possessed by the special powers The Octoberman carries in his wrists that become the organ in a surrealist kind of way that always cries out for more cowbell.

The Dude of Love is obviously an introspective anti-folk geek who loves drone rock percussion and has vocals like John Cale reciting The Gift as the tale of The Octoberman unfolds on the tube. No spoilers but you need to hear what happens to our Lover dude the classic Octoberman.

Song For Nobody is a bare whisper to another lover he's messed it up with it's an almost not there acoustic strum of regret that the poor misbegotten curse of The Octoberman has struck again and she's cheated on him.
Find out more at www.blangrecords.com https://www.facebook.com/davidcronenbergswife
  author: simonovitch

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