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Review: 'Viking Moses'
'Cruel Child'   

-  Label: 'Epifo'
-  Genre: 'Alt/Country' -  Release Date: '5.4.19.'

Our Rating:
Viking Moses is one of those bands that people have been trying to get me into for several years since they first played at The Luminaire around the corner from here a good few years ago. So, when I got sent the latest Viking Moses album to review it wasn't a surprise and it was time to give in and give the album a good listen to make me wonder why I wasn't persuaded to see them live back then and why I don't own any other Viking Moses albums.

The album opens with the slow bleak blues of Cruel Child that's barely there and haunting at the same time. Fool For The Flame is full of wistful strings with a deep need unfolding in the lyrics that are really engaging.

Pretty Little Eyes is a plea for affection to his object of desire and as the slow sparse music builds and his story unfolds will Brendon Massei get what he wants or not? Listen and find out.

Let this Trouble Pass is a funereal rumination on the state of the world and on Brendons Life and loves, you may need a glass of whiskey to sip on while listening to this.

In Servitude opens with some church organ and minimal percussion drawing us into a dark tale of submission and a dark well of pain and suffering.

Headstrong is an argument or fight set to sparse guitars as he pleads to still be hers. Surrounding Skin slowly envelopes you in its tale of the under nourished waif begging for a better life over a gentle blues backing.

Kid For The Cattle is so spare and unflinching both musically and lyrically as everything falls to pieces and he sounds so sad and reflective.

Killing Kind has some really cool percussion to accentuate this despairing tale of murder and a love betrayed. Rough rider isn't a rodeo song more a dark brooding noir country of the bleakest kind that eventually builds into something almost upbeat by the standards of this album.

A World full Of Love is a cool slow and hurt cover of the old Roger Miller classic. Brendon is begging and pleading for some love over the sparsely majestic backing and a quite inexplicable surprising ending.

The album closes with Take Tender a soulful Organ and percussion led plea for a little tenderness that's really haunted and pained like a last gasp.

This album has that beautiful sadness like The Tindersticks but with vocals that are easy to understand, please go and find out more at https://www.vikingmoses.com/

  author: simonovitch

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