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Review: 'Headshoppe'
'Headshoppe (EP)'   

-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '20th April 2019'

Our Rating:
LA musician Cashew, who’s knocked about in various bands, goes solo for his latest project, operating under the guide of Headshoppe.

This debut 4-track EP is largely constructed around acoustic guitar arrangements, but and follows a decidedly psych-pop path, with all kinds of weird, wibbly synths and effects here there and everywhere.

In places, they’re a distracting intrusion, but for the most part, they bring layers of texture, depth and unexpected incidentals. Having used vintage kit, including old-school tape delays, there’s very much an authentically vintage feel to the recording, which has a soft, hazy hue – and the fact the studio tracks were all mixed on his iPhone keeps it lo-fi.

The songs aren’t geared towards obvious structures, choruses, or hooks, but instead emphasise atmosphere, the vocals laid back and mellow and floating in swirls of quite triptastic tunage, with flamenco licks melting into trilling flute and taser-stun synths and high theatricals on ‘Magick Spell’, while ‘On a Stormy Day’ finds him coming on like 80s Leonard Cohen in a blender with Foetus and Yes.

Many acts claim to be eclectic, but Headshoppe live it.

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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Headshoppe - Headshoppe (EP)