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Review: 'The ACC'
'Beautiful, At Night'   

-  Label: 'Bandcamp'
-  Genre: 'Blues' -  Release Date: '10.18.'

Our Rating:
The ACC are the latest band from the Lowlands/Satellite Inn stable of myriad side projects and bands that revolve around Ed Abbiatti and Stiv Cantarelli and this one also ropes in Chris Cacavas to provide some new improved pain on Keyboards alongside some other rather good musicians who make up The Abbiati Canterelli Conspiracy if you prefer the bands full title.

The album opens with Dog Beat The Devil an urgent mountain blues rock stomper of hard bitten living and distorted guitars.

Beautiful, At Night the albums title track is a dirty sounding despair ridden blues for the one he loves and wants back again with the blasting harmonica like a scream of anger.

Never Gave Up is more heartfelt life ripped apart whiskey fuelled maudlin plea that you'll never give up that with a less grizzled voice and played in a lighter way could be a Bon Jovi song, but thankfully it's not cheesy like that at all.

Saturday Night sounds like they want to go out and get drunk and start a fight over an angry dark strutting dirty blues almost in the same territory as James Leg and nicely deranged.

Another Muddy Night is a road song looking for love and distraction, will he find it at the end of the road or not a very cool blues.

I Want You To Like Me while sounding like you should probably hate him is urgent impassioned dark blues pleading and the pains of their raw passion.

Crabtree is slightly lighter but no happier sounding the lower it gets the more manic insomniac it becomes almost like they have been up for days and need to crash but are still going.

One Life Ain't Enough for what these guys want to do, even if they sound like they are singing this cocooned inside a cell desperate and begging for a second chance, a plea for love rather than despair and pity.

Life's Calling well for this lot that means The Blues, Love, alcohol, the road and of course the bands dirty thoughts and ruminations over distorted blues for the darkest corners of their collective calling.

Old Satan Revisited is based on a Townes Van Zandt demo that needed Chris Cacavas to switch from keyboards to give them three guitarists so this driving devil of a blues song might have a chance of finding the crossroads it is dank dark and has some great twanging sounds damn cool.

Find out more at https://www.facebook.com/TheACCband/ https://theaccband.bandcamp.com/releases
  author: simonovitch

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