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Review: 'Larry Mullins + Mike Watt'
'"1970" (Parts One + Two)'   

-  Label: 'Org Music'
-  Genre: 'Punk/New Wave' -  Release Date: '28.11.20.'-  Catalogue No: 'ORGM-2193'

Our Rating:
This 7" single is a special record store day release to celebrate 50 years of The Stooges Funhouse album that featured the original version of this classic song that I own at least 100 versions of, so I was more than happy to add another one to the collection as should any hard-core Stooges fans. It also follows on from the duo's version of 1969.

Larry Mullins is also known as Iggy Pop drummer Toby Dammitt and of course Mike Watt took on the Bass duties in the reformed Stooges and as suggested by his place on the cover of the single original Stooges Sax maniac Steve Mackay has a monster sax part he recorded sometime earlier than the rest of the music used as the core of this version spread over two sides of Rhubarb and Custard or straight black vinyl.

"1970" Part 1 is like a psychotic psyche jazz exploration of the song, part garage rock, part free jazz, super squelchy in places as it is all built around that monster sax solo. Part 2 ups the madness somewhat, while the drums just keep beating away, this goes deep into The Stooges anarcho free jazz experimental roots to bring yet more life to this classic tune, with vocals just about coming through to make us all feel alright at adding this version to any good Stooges collection.

Find out more at www.orgmusic.com
  author: simonovitch

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