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'Die Drift'   

-  Label: 'Bureau B'
-  Genre: 'Dance' -  Release Date: '15.1.21.'

Our Rating:
Die Drift is the debut album by Viennese artist Conny Frischauf who has made an album of laid-back Synth based folk songs, that due to my poor German skills I won't be telling you what Conny is singing about, only the feelings the songs evoke in me.

The album opens with Rauf a minimal analog synth sounding song that gently brings you into Conny's world that is almost cartoon like and quite soothing.

Parapiri opens with what sounds like some Tibetan gongs and very slow whooshing sounds and vocals that remind me of Mari Boine Person in a very folky almost pagan way.

Fenster Sur Strasse makes me wonder what the Fenster has done down on the Strasse but it sounds a bit like early 80's disco rap pop of the sort Will Powers used to make this is infectious and alluring space age pop music.

Sonntag I take to be an early Sunday morning come down tune to relax into Sunday with. That is followed by Auf Weidersehn that is a lot darker sounding like she's saying goodbye to a one-night stand that she may or may not have regrets about, sorry if the story in the lyrics is totally different to that, as the funky strut the song is built around drives things on.

Zeit Verdrehen is sparse keyboards and odd noises that almost sound like some sort of gentle alarm or signal to whoever the object of this song may be.

Roulette sounds like they are gambling at a space age casino with an undertow of Kraftwerk style synths as this song gets going and I'm sure the lyrics add loads to the song as there seems to be a semi argument going on, has someone been betting too much on red and blown all the money again?

Eingaben Und Ausnahmen has plinky plonky synths, deep funky bass and muffled vocal yelps to conjure up a world of possibilities ranging from the sexy to the downright scary but once the brass arrives it's more at the sexy end of things with the vocals becoming more like Lydia Lunch's replies to James Chance on Stained Sheets.

Private Geheimsache has a sense of foreboding set against dentist drill noises minimal strings and other odd sounds while Conny sounds like China singing with the Metal Boys while not revealing the secret at the heart of this oddly dank tune.

The album closes with Freundschaft a very mellow laid-back ode to Friendship that's a gentle evocation and would be perfect to cuddle up to a special friend and have a spectral experience with them.

Find out more at http://www.bureau-b.com/conny_frischauf.php
  author: simonovitch

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