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Review: 'Von De Schulenburg'
'Moods And Dances'   

-  Label: 'Bureau B'
-  Genre: 'Ambient' -  Release Date: '29th January 2021'

Our Rating:
Moods And Dances 2021 is Hamburg based DJ/synth player Richard Von Schulenburgs latest album and most of the tracks are named after the equipment used to produce them.

The album opens with Mrs Yamaha's Summer Tune that is the sound of a deserted beach with palm trees gently swaying in the breeze as you sit with a rum punch and contemplate the horizon this is gentle laid-back ambient beauty.

Caravan Of The Pentamatics has a slow deliberate sci-fi floating in space feel to it as it takes flight and you journey with it to the land of the five options as to the ways it may take you to happiness, glory, sadness, Love and health or there could be 5 other results, but you will be very relaxed by the end of this piece.

Flowers For The Farfisa Sphinx obviously include Desert roses as this super gently chill out piece slowly builds with the bass parts helping to keep it and you anchored in place listening to the tune evolve as the organ part grows and spreads through the room to allow you take in the full glory of the Sphinx before you.

Rolands Night Walk is the soundtrack to a mutant episode of Grange Hill as Roland slowly walks through an urban landscape peopled with his school mates glued to walls fried out of their minds eyes fixed on the sky trying to pick out the birds they think they can see fluttering by as a couple start having some very outre Al Fresco sex as Roland shakes his head and moves on by.

DX7s Broken Hearts is downbeat gentle heart-breaking oddly moving gentle synth washes to soothe away the tears as that friend you met in the club last night has come down to earth in your arms, opened their blurry eyes and got up and left you there wondering if you'll see them again.

Dance of the Space Pentax has attracted the attention of my squirrel overlord whose banging on my window with a twig to open it so he can hear the tune properly as this other worldly piece unfolds like you are watching a moonwalking sequence or a spaceship flying at warp speed to another dimension. Eventually you fly through a vortex to arrive at some entirely unexpected new dimension.

Werismatic Space Bar is a few parsecs away from where you meant to end up, but your very happy to have arrived here to sip the most out there space cocktails yet, mixes of new colors and experiences that lift you out of yourself and into some cool space orgasmatron experiences you'll not be able to tell anyone about, as you won't remember a thing by tomorrow, despite having the time of your life all night long.

Planet Dragon sounds like The Clangers have taken over and the Soup Dragon is now in charge of the universe as the first vocals on the album start to chant Planet Dragon and the Soup Dragon rises up to give its orders that we will all follow implicitly among the almost Sun Ra esque keyboard pattern and distortions.

The album closes with The End (la la) that should come on as the end credits roll on a weird and far out sci-fi film as they gently float through time and space looking for some place like home picking up glitchy conversations over the static of the radio as they try to tune into the people who can guide them safely home.

Find out more at http://www.bureau-b.com/releases.php https://www.facebook.com/richard.schulenburg.9
  author: simonovitch

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