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Review: 'Oh-Ok'
'The Complete Re-Issue'   

-  Label: 'Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '5.2.21.'-  Catalogue No: 'HHBTM141'

Our Rating:
This is the re-issue of the Complete Reissue of Oh-Ok the band formed by Linda Hopper, later of Magnapop and Lynda Stipe, later of Hetch Hetchyland in Athens in 1981 and they were formed to Support her brother Michaels band R.E.M. whatever happened to them? The Complete is the bands two ep's Wow and Furthermore What and a few live songs from a tape supplied by Pat Thomas of songs that didn't appear on the records. The Second ep features Matthew Sweet on guitar.

The album opens with the short sharp blast of Lilting a very swift low-fi pop love song of lust and a desire. Brother has a quite squelchy bassline for a tale of what her brother gets up to that unfolds with some cool echo and this gets to the point very swiftly.

Playtime is a cool description of the sort of playground they want to be hanging out and playing with cool skittery cymbals and a basic bassline.

Person keeps things low-fi and adds some odd noises as they try to describe the sort of Person they think they really are.
Is it? Is a questioning song as to why you'd get back together with an ex-boyfriend who might make you feel like you're happy like a Russian! As they ask if they can become born again virgins.

Here We Go is the first live cut on the album and has almost machine gun style drumming over chant screamed vocals that sound very bouncy. Jumping is skittery low-fi twee punk with added audience noise as they try to get everyone Jumping around.

Down By The Beach sounds a bit darker than the rest of the album and feels a little bit despairing, that might not be helped by the bootleg live recording it sounds like this was mastered from.

Shock (Sic Transit) isn't particularly shocking but is a cool shouty and bouncy low fi tune that the crowd appear to be talking over.

Such And Such takes us back into the studio and they have suddenly become a lot more proficient, I guess this is because Matthew Sweet had joined on guitar, this is a good tale of what may or may not happen at a party the deadpan nature of I guess Lynda Stipes vocals add a good droll feel to the story.

Guru is psychedelic guitar figures and a mantra like vocal and in places is musically more like Gang of Four this is one of the songs that really jumps out and also reminds me of Salem 66.

Choukoutien is frazzled dreampop floaty dreamy look at the caves of Choukoutien in China the home of Peking Man wonderful and educational making me look at the caves online. I wish I'd visited when I went to Beijing.

Straight is sparse chiming noises and nursery rhyme style vocals telling a worrisome tale that goes all mythical and psychedelic. Giddy Up gallops along at a fair clip as another everyday drama of goings on at the races or beyond and tells a tale that gets me having to hear it a few times to totally get it all.

Elaine's Song sounds like an old folk song and is played minstrel style but with more amplification as they slowly bring you into Elaine’s world it is quite bewitching. Courage Courage is a rebellious fight song for a very hot day as this street punk drama unfolds to pulsating guitars and drums.
  author: simonovitch

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