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Review: 'Direct Hits'
'The Broadway Recording Sessions'   

-  Label: 'Optic Nerve Recordings'
-  Genre: 'Eighties' -  Release Date: '26.2.21.'-  Catalogue No: 'OPT4.042'

Our Rating:
For the incredibly busy label Optic Nerve Recordings 2021 is continuing on from the packed release schedule they had in 2020 and they continue the great work digging up long lost or forgotten about bands and albums and either issuing them for the first time or re-issuing them.

In the case of The Direct Hits Optic Nerve are releasing this long-lost band of Battersea Mods recording sessions at Broadway Studios in Tooting that took place over 2 days in 1982, the first day produced the first 9 songs and the second day the final 3 songs on this album.

The album opens with the longest song on the album Ride My Bicycle a song about trying to get to Ride Your Bicycle where you want too, over jangly guitars and some slightly psyche edges sounding like a slightly more naive Secret Affair while being in love with the music The Who produced in Battersea back in the day.

I Start Counting has a very hazy late 60's power pop style feel to it, and its' a decently catchy song as they tell us just what there chat up routine is and how easily they get through the girls they meet.

Too Shy is about a wallflower friend who is just Too Shy Shy to see eye to eye, no it's not a Kaja Goo Goo cover thankfully instead being a rather nice poppy mod song of want.

Leander, By The River is more urgent and driving song about being down by the river in the morning, I hope it is in some way a tribute to Mike Leander as they sound indebted to his arrangements.

Miranda Berkeley is a song of lust and want for the one girl they think can tame them and make them their love with a nice Pychedelic edge to it, this is a bit like the quieter end of The Playn Jayn's output.

This Was, Marc Deans tells us all about Marc Deans in the style of The Byrds, with some nice harmonies helping to lift it us as the repeating motif sounds like the sort of thing Rain Parade made their own a few years later.

Naughty Little Boy seems to be re-working See Emily Play into a song about the worst kid in class, lyrically it seems a bit on the naive side as the naughty kid throws another tantrum and carries on refusing to do anything he doesn't want too.

What Killed Aleister Crowley? Is the darkest subject they cover and this is gently questioning of the events that led to the dark lord crossing over to his preferred side, was he killed by the fear we had of his ideas or something else.

I'd Rather Stay Than Go is sweet mod soul song of hope that maybe for once the relationship won't be over at the end of the night and just maybe they can last together for longer than just this night.

Sunny Honey Girl has a cool low-fi power pop sound to it and is full of lust and desire for the latest girl that has them walking around in a trance.

I Feel The Earth Move is nowhere near libidinous enough for the title, being more like a fumble in Battersea Park than anything to really make the earth move, even when it builds to the chorus, even so it might work on the dancefloor.

The album closes with Start Living which is one more slice of Mod soul yearning and pleading for some love and attention as they tell us all we need to Start Living which is always good advice.

Find out more at www.opticnerverrecordings.com https://www.facebook.com/thedirecthits http://www.thedirecthits.co.uk/Welcome.html
  author: simonovitch

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