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Review: 'Drawing Down the Moon'
'Angel In My Dream'   

-  Label: 'Oceanic Records'
-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Catalogue No: '7-81056-30052-7'

Our Rating:
You have to be kidding me.

When I discovered that Drawing Down the Moon is Jan Kuehnemund of Vixen's new band, I was in stunned silence. While I have a sweet tooth for '80s metal, especially the poppy stuff like Vixen, this group doesn't resemble anything close to that often dismissed genre. Out of all the bands I've heard recently, Drawing Down the Moon is probably the most difficult to categorize. I'd classify them as alternative rock simply because the crunchy guitar playing possesses slightly brooding and dreamy textures that are the style's trademarks although the songs are relatively upbeat with soaring female vocals. Bridging the gap between commercial appeal and indie credibility, Drawing Down the Moon's "Angel In My Dream" is slickly produced and intensely hummable pop/rock that'll remind you of 10,000 Maniacs, the Cranberries, or an obscure fave, Grace Pool.

The group doesn't say it, but there's a distinct Christian sensibility to the record, especially on "Blue" and "Burn My Soul." The lyrics seem quite personal throughout the disc, certainly a breath of fresh air in these days of nonsense words in rock & roll. The band has a really fabulous chemistry, and you can hear it radiate through the songs.

I'm an instant fan. More than half of the tracks on this album -among them "Burn My Soul," "Who I Am," "Blue," and "Live Without Love" (if only Heart could produce a rocker this good in the '00s) - demand repeated spins. Do not miss it.

  author: Adam Harrington

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Drawing Down the Moon - Angel In My Dream