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'Calm In The Storm'   

-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '2006'

Our Rating:
From the album title and the soothing textures of his compositions and playing, the goal of Joel Del Rosario (http://www.joeldelrosario.com) is to lift up the listener, bring light into the chaos of a troubled world. Trying to accomplish that without words is no easy task; when notes take the place of lyrics, they have to be able to communicate those messages to the brain. Thankfully, Del Rosario succeeds; this is a relatively upbeat, emotionally engaging album.

Del Rosario is no cookie-cutter smooth jazz artist. He plays with a variety of tempos and styles, from the acoustic warmth and playful keyboards of "One Way Street" to the Latin mix on "Padre Burgos" to the classic soul vibes of "True Love Waits." Del Rosario is responsible for all the guitar, bass, and keyboards on the LP yet the album doesn't have the minimalist feel of a one-man band. On "Back in the Day," Rosario's snappy bass lines and spine-tingling guitar riffs blend together with seemlessly.

Vocalist George Hunter makes a surprise appearance on "LJP (Love, Joy, Peace)" and its later interlude; the pair work together well as Hunter delivers a heartfelt performance that fits within Del Rosario's evocative instrumentation.

There are a number of tunes here that would be perfect for soundtracks, such as "Express," which vividly captures the heart of a busy city.
  author: Adam Harrington

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Sounds like a good album!! :-)

It's an ionteresting point you raise about communicating wit music, and without words..

I have found the opposite, especially with all the fusion of dance music and indie going on at the mo - often words foul up or limit the beautifully abstract sounds we are hearing - and that's what we're supposed to be into isn't it, 'the music'?

For those who don't see, or rather hear the appeal of dance music, that's it, I think - it's abstract, whereever-your-mind-will-wander beauty.

------------- Author: Mabs   05 October 2006

ROSARIO, JOEL DEL - Calm In The Storm